Kangaroo Island Multi Day Walk

Kangaroo Island Multi Day Walk

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Mace Engineering Services are involved with the five day Multi Day Walk project at Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island. The project involves constructing four campsites at various locations around Flinders Chase National Park, which provide well-spaced locations where walkers can hike to and camp overnight. At each site, there are a number of structures including amenities, shelters and camping decks.

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Mace Engineering Services have been responsible for the civil design, structural design and project management. The structures are a combination of stainless steel, white cypress pine timber and hardwood for the larger structural members.

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The remote location provided some complications during construction. As the sites were located within a National Park, it was extremely important to minimise vegetation disturbance, and therefore the majority of sites had restricted access for construction plant creating difficulties with concrete supply and erection of structures. It was also critical that the insitu materials were assessed appropriately, as importing large amounts of quarry material would not have been practical.

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